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48 Hour Film Project 2012

Exciting news! Heart and Fire Productions will be entering the 48 Hour Film Project which takes place August 3rd to the 5th. In a nutshell teams are given a genre, line of dialogue, a character and a prop which needs to be included in a 4 to 7 min. short film. From there you have 48 Hours to write, film, edit and score the short film. You can visit http://www.48hourfilm.com to learn more about this festival. Their will be a lot of exciting prizes for the City Winner including an opportunity to produce content for television network TruTV, however, the greatest reward will be the experience gained from this project and working with cast & crew to whom I am very excited to have on my team. I want to personally thank those who have joined my team and for those I continue to bring on board, this would not be possible without all of you. Now lets make the best damn film possible! =) 

Beautiful Scar- 48 Hour Film Project- Denver 2012

Heart and Fire Productions in association with JHP Films entered it's first year in the 48 Hour Film Project http://www.48hourfilm.com/ and what an amazing experience it was. We drew the romance genre which I was personally excited for since I'm a huge fan of romance movies and books with of course a big inspiration of mine being Nicholas Sparks. Our film premiered at the Gothic Theater on August 12, 2012.

Genre: Romance
Prop: Straw
Line of Dialogue: Let's Keep it in the Group
Character: Rhoda Powers-Coach

Beautiful Scar tells the story of Theresa, a woman who always seems to pick the really bad guys. After walking in on her abusive boyfriend cheating on her and the guidance of her best friend and life coach, Theresa is persuaded to take a vacation to take her mind off things.

While waiting for her train, Theresa encounters Logan, a real estate agent with a deal gone sour. As fate would have it these two troubled souls have been brought together. Beautiful Scar is a timeless love story following the pain love can bring and also the joys.

From a scarred past to love everlasting.

I want to thank my extremely talented and devoted cast & crew for all their hard work during the 48 Hours.


Theresa- Beverly Sartain
Logan- James Russell
Rhoda Powers- Ginny Hill
Logan, Older- Seymour Muchmore
Theresa, Older- Irene Leonard
Mistress- Ashley Grae
Boyfriend- Christopher Henry
Spiritual Counselor- Owen Hisle
Woman on Bench- Shannon Smith


Writer, Director, Producer- Jimmy Lee Combs
Director of Photography, Editor- Jim Harper http://www.jhpfilms.com/
Sound Mixer, Field Audio- Kevin Male
Boom Operator- D.J. Berry
Photographer, Production Assistant- Mark Stratford
Gaffer/Lighting and Craft Services- Shannon Smith
Production/Lighting Assistant- Scott Foshag
Composer, Musician- J.T. Peterson
SFX Make Up Artist- Stefan Knowles

Special Thanks

5-hour ENERGY
Laura Rangel- Rangel's Touch Photography
Rebecca Nash for her hospitality
Thesa Hisle- Production Assistant
City of Denver
Union Station
Anthony's Pizza

Cast & Crew

With these wonderful actors I feel that their diversity, professionalism and commitment will allow my imagination to run wild when writing the script for the genre, prop, line of dialogue and character that we are drawn at random. It is going to be fun creating characters that I truly hope they enjoy and I can't wait to see how they bring their characters to life. With a crew equally as professional and dedicated, I'm confident that we are going to deliver a film to the 48 Hour Project that is made with everything inside us that we love about filmmaking. Below is my growing cast & crew that I am proud to have on team Heart and Fire Productions.

Actors & Actresses

Seymour Muchmore

James Russell

Ginny Hill

Christopher Henry

Ashley Grae

Beverly Sartain

Irene Leonard

Jimmy Lee Combs- Writer, Director, Producer, Actor
Jim Harper- Director of Photography http://www.jhpfilms.com/
Kevin Male- Sound Mixer, Field Audio
Mark Stratford- Photographer, Production Assistant
Jt- Composer/Musician http://soundcloud.com/j-t-peterson
D.J. Berry- Boom Operator
Shannon Smith-Gaffer/lighting and Catering
Scott Foshag- Production/lighting Assistant
Stefan Knowles- SFX Make Up Artist